What is Domain Name ?


The domain name is the name of your website. The domain name is where the internet user can access your website. The domain name is used to find and identify websites on the Internet. Computers use an IP address, which is a series of numbers. The domain names can be any combination of letters and numbers, and it is used in various domain names extensions, such as .com, .net etc.

  • The domain name consists of two parts separated by a dot, such as example.com.
  • The domain name can be used to identify single IP address or group of IP addresses.
  • A host or organization can use the domain as an alternative name because the domain names are alphanumeric (as opposed to all numbers), making them easy to remember.
  • To identify a website, the domain is used as part of the URL.
  • The following is a top level Domain (TLD) or group with a domain, for example, .gov is the TLD for the US government domain.

On the Internet, your domain name is the unique identity of your website. Any person, business or organization should invest in the domain by planning an Internet presence. Having your own domain name, website, and email address gives you and your business a professional look. Another reason for registering a domain for a business is to protect the copyright and trademark, make credentials, increase brand awareness, and create search engine status.

domain name
Domain Names Extentions

The domain recognizes the purpose of the website. For example, the .com domain name here indicates that this is a business site. Similarly, non-profit organizations .org and schools and universities etc. use the .edu domain names. The following is a list of commonly used domain names and their full name in the URL in the list below.

TLD (Extensions)Full Forms
.comCommercial Internet Sites
.netInternet Administrative Site
.orgOrganization Site
.eduEducation Sites
.firmBusiness Site
.govGovernment Site
.intInternational Institutions
.milMilitary Site
.mobiMobile Phone Site
.intInternational Organizations site
.ioIndian Ocean (British Indian Ocean Territory)
.milU.S. Military site
.govGovernment site
.storeA Retail Business site
.webInternet site
.aeArab Emirates
.saSaudi Arabia
.usUnited States
.ukUnited Kingdom
.nzNew Zealand

You can use a word or phrase as a domain . If the domain is for a company, then you can put your company name in the domain, which makes it easy for your customers to find you on the internet.

Although a long domain is difficult to remember, it may include more keywords, which are important because some search engines use keywords in the same domain names as part of the search algorithm. But beware of the domain names that are too long.

Following are the names of some popular domain registration Company & Partners .

Apart from these, there are millions of companies from which you can register your domain. When we register our domain with the help of a domain registrar, it provides us with a domain control panel and its username, password in exchange for a certain amount. With this user name and password, we can login to the domain control panel and link the name server given by the web space provider to the domain. This is a very important task to turn on the website.

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