Non-Technical SEO Ranking factors for Getting Top 10 Position


Friends there are common sayings by everyone that for the ranking at top position in Google SERP you need to apply so many typical on page and off page methods and 99 % time I would say it is true.

But here in this post I am going to describe some of the factors which can give you higher rank in search engine for your targeted keyword without doing so much of link building efforts.

Many times we have done so many experiments with some of new practices and found them really effective also.

Many seo companies in India which are engaged in affordable seo services first work on these type of factors so they can give better results to clients by doing less efforts.

Read these Non-technical SEO Ranking Factors–

Non-technical SEO Ranking Factors

1 – Bounce rate

Bounce rate of the visitor is directly related with the use behavior and it shows how much user was interested in your website and his experience also. When it comes to your website and leave it without visiting the second page then we can say user has bounced.

Friends search engine always thinks that does your website interesting or useful for user or not?

If he is leaving your website without visiting the 2nd page of it means your website is not useful for him. So now the question is that how we can treat bounce rate on our website. Let see the right relation with ranking and bounce rate.

High Bounce Rate = Lower Ranking

Low Bounce Rate = Higher Ranking

2 – Time Spent on Website

Dear readers it is another non-technical seo ranking factor which can boost SERP of your website rapidly.

Ok Let’s compare 3 websites which has more to less time spent on their websites and below we are describing their relation with the ranking of web pages.

  • 1 Minute spend per visit = Lower Ranking
  • 3 Minute spend per visit = Better than lower ranking
  • 5 or more minute spend per visit = Higher ranking as compare to first two

So it is very clear that more time spend is equal to better ranking.

It clearly give signals to search engines that how much peoples are taking interest on your website.

Best Example of this is YouTube where visitors spend so many hours every day and do more page views also.

3 – Click through Rate (CTR)

We can understand it like this way.

Suppose we have 10 SERP results found after searching any keyword.

And most of the peoples are clicking more on website which is on 7th rank as compare to top 6 websites… because of any reason

Then after few days you will see the magic that the ranking of 7th ranked website is increasing and now it is on higher position.

So you should try to increase CTR rate of website by adding some eye catching or attention taking words in your post Meta Title and Description.

Example – We have tested these methods on SEO blog and found it got good traffic within few days.

In our upcoming article in future we will cover the topic how to increase click through rate, so keep reading. Thanks.

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