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Scope of Research

Scope of Research

Scope of Research  has a wide scope and Draws upon the research findings of related disciplines such as Sociology, psychology, Anthropology, Political science, biology mathematical and other science. Business Research may focus on theory or specific operation problems. In the former case the objective would be to discover/illustrate precept or principal and in the latter case the objective would be to provide solutions to current problems. Topics of research in functional areas of business are given below. The main scope and areas in business research are as under:

Scope of research

Scope in Accounting and finance: In the area of Accounting And finance, the tentative list of important topics in which research is carried-out are as under:

  • Practices and procedures of budget control system.
  • Inventory costing methods and practices.
  • Depreciation Method and their impact on earnings.
  • Transfer pricing methods and their impact on earnings.
  • Individual investment behavior.
  • Capital structure and capital budgeting decisions.
  • Mergers and acquisitions and their impact on company`s earnings

Scope in Human Resource Development:  HRD and organization organization behavior constitutes very important areas in business field. Major Areas in which Research is carried-out in this field are:

  • Employee behaviors,
  • Employee attitudes,
  • Leadership traits,
  • Performance appraisal system, and
  • Assessment center and evaluation.

Scope in Marketing Research:- In the area of Marketing business research is heavily practiced. So much is the application that there is a separate branch of marketing research which looks after the area of applications of research in the field of marketing. Marketing Research is undertaken to assist the marketing function. Marketing research stimulates the flow of marketing data from the consumer and his environment to marketing information system of the enterprise. Market research involves the process of:

  • Systematic collection
  • Compilation
  • Analysis
  • Interpretation of relevant data for marketing decisions

This information goes to the executive in the form of Data. On the basic of this data the executive develop plans and programs. Advertising research, packaging research, performance evaluation research, sales analysis, distribution channel, etc., may also be considered in Management Research.

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